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Wayne Nance - Speaker | Entertainer

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Wayne E. Nance, a highly regarded speaker and trainer, is co-author of "Real Life Management:
5 Steps to A.L.T.E.R. your ATTITUDE about Health, Money and Relationships" (originally titled “Thin, Rich and Happy"), “Mind Over Money” and “Liten Up for Life”. Additionally, Wayne hosted two live talk radio shows, "The Real Life Attitude Guy" and former syndicated radio host of “Get Real, it’s a Real World.”

Wayne has been described as Dr. Phil meets Jeff Foxworthy!

Studies show:

67% of Americans are Obese

85% of Americans Retire Broke

56% of Americans are Divorced

Most Popular Excuses for Failure in our Personal and Professional Lives

- I can’t CHANGE!

- I can’t stay on a BUDGET!

- I can’t stay on a DIET!

Wayne offers specific, easy to implement ideas and techniques that work. He created and developed a copyrighted 3-Minute Survey to determine your core attitudes within 88% accuracy.

Questions Most Frequently Asked by the Public

What is the broken relationship rate in America and why is it climbing?

What percent the U.S. population is obese?

What percent of Americans retire broke?

Why do we call food and money the top “drugs” in America?

How do these issues impact corporate America and our political system?

Who are the “drug” dealers?

Why do you say we don’t need to diet or budget?

Why are you against the word CHANGE?

What are the top five steps to altering our ways?

Do you have real life solutions as they relate to our obesity, money management, and/or relationships?

How is your program different from all other books on personality, money management and weight control?

How do we take and use the 3-Minute Survey?



Getting Ready to, Commence to, Begin to, Start Tomorrow on a Financial Plan

The Emotional Side of Spending

Ten Steps to Beating Credit Card Abuse

Budgets and Diets – Why They Fail

Too Much Good Credit is a Bad Thing

How to Negotiate Everything


I’m Just Big Boned

Eating Fat Free is Killing Me

Food Companies – The Real Drug Dealers

Unsaturated Hips

The M&M Diet Plan - Peanuts Anyone?

Skinny People Die Too


I’m Going to Have Fun “If It Kills Me”

Four Walls of a Marriage

I’m So Tired of You Being Wrong!

When Lovin’ Leads to “Dislikin’”

Why Is My Child so Much Like My Spouse?

What’s Sinking My Boat?

Wayne delivers thought-provoking, valuable content as he shares a goodly dose of motivation and humor to engage his audiences.

Thank you for your interest.

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